Smart Hotel-Assist

Assist Your Customers The Smart Way

Smart Hotel-Assist is a digital concierge service for hotels, resorts and hospitality industry.

The platform enables an AI powered customer service for a checked in customer during their stay.

Phone calls for room services, enquiries & requests will be a thing of the past.

Take your concierge services to the next level for your hospitality business and delight your customers.

What your guests get

A smart assistant which engages with them  for all their needs 24/7 during their period of stay. No more repetitive phone calls to the reception & room service. 

A truly futuristic digital experience using an AI powered Chatbot  to request and enquire all services as easy chats, right at their fingertips using their own smartphones. 

Access to view and order all the facilities and amenities of the Hotel/Resort from a single unified easy to use interface,

The smart and seamless digital experience, makes the customer more delighted and makes him feel happy for his choice & value for money for booking at your property.

Guests access the chatbot via Facebook messenger, one of the most popular platforms in the world. If they have Facebook messenger, they can use the same or else they can simply join as a guest on the link to continue accessing all services without installing anything.  

Most of the travellers and guests would prefer to easily browse and avail facilities via a smartphone than in person interaction. Incase of non native language speaking guests, this becomes a necessity than  option. Delight them.



What your property gets



Increased Sales. As guests become more aware of the full services of the property in all its details in their fingertips, guests would tend to make purchases and increase your business.

Make specialized offers and promotions for guests and inform enable them impulse purchases during their stay, to increase revenue.

Analyse customer feedbacks, behaviour and ordering patterns to improve the product and service offerings.

Free up your staff answering routine and mundane phone calls and action requests. They can devote time in enabling better customer experience and operations. 

Monitor all customer requests and interactions from the backend. Take actions for customer orders or service requests assigned from the portal in a seamless manner.

Use customer data within the platform for social media promotional campaigns and retargeting for repeat business.

A delighted customer who has experienced a smart stay would share his joy and happiness to increase your brand value in social media and rating sites. 

Completely cloud based software platform with minimal or no interaction required with the existing billing or accounting systems of the property.

The platform is truly flexible to accommodate specialized features and offerings your property might have to offer, in addition to the standard features.  

SMART Hospitality Services

 A sample list of hotel services which may be included (but not limited to) in the Smart Assist. 

Rooms & Suites


Room Service

Swimming Pool

Wellness Spa

Fine Dining

In-house Bar

Banquet Hall